Achieving Well-Being


Health is a condition of mental, physical and social well being where infirmity and illness are absent. It is an optimistic perception that you will have good health condition. The basic idea of health is to have optimum control on the body functions. The five aspects of health are: Physical, mental, social, bio-energetic and emotional states. In short we can say that health is a composite state of mind and body that includes all five aspects.

Health Service

Health services refer to the procedures and activities that enhance the health. There are various sectors providing health services. Education, health care, community health and community development are some of the important sectors. There has been an increase in the number of researches and reviews on health and their management.

Health services include prevention of diseases, promotion of health outcomes and control of morbidity and mortality. Most of the researches focus on promoting social determinants that are necessary for promoting good health. Some of the most important social determinants are: community, culture, environment, education, socialization, socioeconomic status and occupation. Public health has also been taken into consideration in the context of promotion of health services. This refers to the routine programs and policies directed at improving the general health.


Prevention programs are focused on the overall improvement of the health status. In the field of prevention there are two broad approaches. One is through medical education and another is through general population education. Both of these approaches aim at preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and other chronic conditions. Prevention programs are based on several assumptions and they have been evaluated over the years. Some of these assumptions have been proved right and some have been proved wrong.

For the purpose of achieving and maintaining good health status a mix of general determinants, protective determinants, and biological determinants are used. A combination of public and private policies has helped in bringing about a more synchronized approach to achieving the desired results. Promotion of health services includes promoting the intake of balanced diets, regular exercise, cessation of smoking and regular usage of other effective tools that can help prevent diseases and ailments. The success of any health service depends upon the consistent application of the same strategy in all the parts involved.


Every individual is entitled to the equal protection under the law and the enjoyment of equal opportunities in life. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its international consensus have reinforced the importance of promoting well-being. The promotion of health may not be viewed as an end in itself but as an indicator of the fact that a society is well organized and the human rights provided are comprehensive. The ability of a country to provide well-being also depends on the availability of educational, health, social and other resources.

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