Adjusting to Contact Lenses

How to Adjust To Contact Lenses – Adjusting to Contact Lenses

It may take weeks or months to adjust to wearing contact lenses. Wearing contacts for the first time is a big adjustment. Wearing contact lenses is very different than wearing glasses. Glasses do not slide across your eyes like they do with contacts. Also, when you are wearing contacts, your vision is at an entirely different level from when you wear glasses.


While it takes a while to adjust to wearing contact lenses

, you should be patient and try to not make the adjustments too difficult. When you start using your senses, be watchful for the # side effects while you are adjusting to them. It can take a few weeks of being in this state to get used to the changes that your eyes must adapt to when you start wearing contact lenses.


Wearing contacts for the first time

is a big change in your eyes. Be sure to learn how to properly care for your contacts so that you do not damage your eyes and your ability to see. You can avoid common eye problems by using some basic steps when you are learning how to wear contacts.


If you find that your eyes are dryer than normal

then you may experience some dryness while you are getting used to wearing contact lenses. The first step is to rinse your face thoroughly. You should then use a warm, soft cloth to gently pat your face dry. You will then want to add 1% hydrogels to your eyes and gently rub them into your eyes. The gel will absorb any excess moisture that may be in your eyes. Do not use a lot of soap, as this can also irritate your eyes and dry them out.


Another problem that may occur

as you are learning how to wear contact lenses is that your vision may become blurred during nighttime. This is usually temporary and may only occur while you are sleeping. For this issue, you will want to place a small amount of baby oil over your eyes before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, your vision should be clear as you begin to adjust to contact lenses. It is also helpful to alternate between moistened and dry eye drops to help your eyes adjust to the changes made as you are learning how to wear contact lenses.


Some people experience slight eye discomfort

or problems as they are learning how to wear contact lenses. One of the most common problems is the dryness of the eyelids. You should be aware of the fact that lenses can actually cause dryness in some people. If your contact lenses feel uncomfortable when you are wearing them, you should switch to an alternative lens such as disposable lenses. Your vision will be tested for irritations when you first begin wearing contact lenses and should continue to test the lenses throughout the day as you begin to learn how to wear contact lenses. This will allow you to recognize any potential irritation and avoid it while adjusting to your new contact lenses.

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