An Overview of Long Island according to best for Long Island Real Estate

Long Island is primarily known as an upper middle-class suburban community in the state of New York. This island is located on the northeast coast of New York harbor, and is home to mostly white-collar professionals who are usually employed in the central metropolitan area of New York City. It is widely known as home to a more affluent segment of the population, with communities encompassing The Hamptons, the Gold Coast and Southampton. However, there are also medium-income families that live in this area.If you are looking for a home in the area, best for Long Island Real Estate will be able to find the ideal home based on your preferences and budget.

real estateMany families choose the communities in Long Island as the location of their residence because it blends the best of both worlds: they are not too far from the hustle and bustle of big city living but they also enjoy the relative quietness and comfort of suburban living. It is a way of escaping the metropolitan urban life without being too far away from it. It is also ideal for children to grow up in this community because of its proximity to nature, particularly the water. Families will enjoy many recreational activities here such as boating, fishing, equestrian, and golf.

With two of New York’s airports located in Long Island, it is also a major transportation hub and is home to industries such as technology, engineering and science research.

Long Island is generally made up of two counties. On the West side is Nassau County, and on the East side is Suffolk County. Nassau County has a denser population because it is closer to the metropolitan New York area. The North Shore area borders Long Island Sound and comprises of Oyster Bay, Huntington, and North Hempstead. It is easy to commute to Manhattan from this area using the MTA trains. This area is historically associated with the Gilded Era, with the most notable American novel of that time, The Great Gatsby, set in this community. There are many great homes in this area and best for Long Island Real Estate will be able to assist clients in looking for the best homes in the market.

PropertyThe South Shore of Long Island has the view of the Atlantic Ocean, and it has miles and miles of beautiful coastline. Hempstead, a town in the South Shore located in Nassau County, has an economically and culturally diverse community. There are many boat enthusiasts in this community. There are many small communities here, and there are many homes available in the real estate market. There are many listings available in this area from best for Long Island Real Estate.

In Suffolk County, there is an interesting mix of residential, rural, and industrial landscapes that make the community interesting. The North Shore of Long Island has a lot of farms, stables, and vineyards. Also located in this area is the Hauppauge Industrial Park, with more than a thousand companies employing thousands of workers. The white collar employees usually have homes in the vicinity. There are many residential options here and best for Long Island Real Estate will be able to help families who are looking for homes in this area.

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