Bachelor In Information Systems: Find Jobs In This Hot Profession

For many people the IT industry is a world of opportunity and promise. The opportunities to advance in this industry are vast and include positions as an IT professional, consultant, systems analyst, software engineer, network administrator, and so forth. This industry provides many opportunities for IT professionals to advance their careers. Unfortunately, IT employment does come with certain risks. When employees become involved in the theft of company or organization information, computer fraud, unauthorized access to computer systems, physical sabotage, and other related crimes, they can face serious legal consequences.



In IT recruitment, there are many things that recruiters look for to ensure that the best and the brightest employees are hired. One of the things that new technology placement agencies use is testing. IT jobs often require a great deal of computer programming knowledge. For this reason, IT professionals will undergo rigorous testing prior to being offered a job. Employee performance at the tests is often used as a hiring tool.


According to IT professionals, the national average salary for IT professionals is about $40k per year. IT professionals who perform more than typical IT jobs, however, earn considerably more money. Those who perform computer science degrees earn salaries as much as the average college graduate. Computer science majors earn more than those with bachelor’s degrees in accounting, computer science, math, and physics combined.

Some positions require only a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering, while others require a combination of a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a certification test in one of the six primary IT duties. Primary duties are defined by the level of education a candidate has received. IT support specialists typically are responsible for updating client servers, networks, and so forth. Network installation technicians are responsible for installing new networks and repairing existing networks.

IT Support

IT support specialists can find work in many different industries. Consumer product manufacturers, information technology departments, and business organizations all hire IT support specialists. Those working in the information technology field usually only need to have a bachelor’s degree, though there are some entry-level positions available for those without bachelor’s degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average salary for IT professionals is about $40k per year.

IT support specialists are often required to install and repair networks and information systems. These professionals are also responsible for updating client server software and hardware, and troubleshooting and resolving hardware issues. A bachelor’s degree in information systems will likely be required for employment, though some positions may require only a master’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in network engineering or computer sciences may also be required for IT support positions. Job outlook for these positions is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade, as more companies become aware of the need for efficient IT professionals.

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