Baseball pins and the History of American Baseball

Baseball is often regarded as America’s favorite national pastime and part of this is the tradition to buy, collect and trade baseball pins. It is common for baseball fans and teams to order custom made pins which are used for trading with, promoting their teams to others or just simply giving the items as a gift. This practice promotes healthy camaraderie and probably lasting friendships.

American BaseballBaseball pins for trading or give away can come in different sizes, designs and motif. These specifications may reflect the personality and sentiments of the giver; with that is their loyalty and preferences. Take for example the rhinestone baseball pins which are quite fanciful. This beautifully crafted piece of art is can be described as on the fashionable side and only men and women with distinct taste will be able to pull it off and wear it on special occasions or simply watching a game.

Baseball pins trading and collection is probably a product of a long tradition associated with baseball events. No matter who made started exchanging memorabilia, one thing is for sure, this practice will be handed down to next generations to generation as long people appreciates baseball events and patronize a specific team every season. Somehow, exchanging and giving away these cute tokens lightens the atmosphere after every intense game is over.

There are different types of baseball pins available for ordering depending on what the person desires to see. For instance there are lapel pins, created to be lighter than the big ones. One can wear it on shirt or jacket collars or you may attach it to a favorite baseball cap. Wherever you want to display it, you publicly announce that you are a baseball enthusiast and that is the most fun purpose of the pins.

Record shows that the first Baseball World Series happened in 1903 and Boston of the American League won the game. This piece of history is just a part of the rather complicated and quite interesting background of how American baseball evolved from its first conception to how it is in the current times. I wonder if there are earliest baseball pins in existence maybe dating back to the 1900s when different baseball leagues fought to win the first World Series?

It would be interesting to see an old pin made or circulating during this era. Is there an old one being kept as a vintage collection somewhere and how much would that precious pin cost nowadays? The pins during that time probably depict what was trendy and who were the current baseball stars during that time in baseball history.

In retrospect, those pins and other baseball memorabilia served as silent witnesses to the development of baseball matches in American history. Consequently, this seemingly unimportant article can serve as evidence of the past events, whether glorious or not that affected or still affecting the current issues in this 21st century.

People say that the treatment of sports in different countries mirrors the political and social conditions of that certain country. If there is freedom and sportsmanship emanating from teams and organizers; that the development of athletes and their well-being are cared for, then that country is a peaceful country and an advanced country at that.

Sports is a tool to promote friendship among the nations and that is why baseball’s minor or major league matters a lot not just to players and sports enthusiast but to the whole nation as well. Hence, existing memorabilia such as the pins help in trying to create that atmosphere even at the local level where these events took place.

American Baseball pinsIn relations to this, it is interesting to know if there were organized fan clubs or groups who were in the forefront of trading and distributing these commemorative items along with their favorite players. Did fans and athletes associate at all? Is there a strong bond of friendly relationship between fans and athletes too? Who were the very first fan clubs and for what team have they rooted for in 1903 and after that?

These are questions walking us back to that exciting memory lane. If only baseball memorabilia were also created as a tribute to these loyal people.