Basic Facts About Contact Lenses

This article will highlight the different factors in using contact lenses

Contact Lenses are basically an alternative to conventional glasses made of bifocals or trifocals. First invented more than 100 years ago, contact lenses were initially made of pure glass and then of synthetic plastic. These days, contact lenses are mostly made of synthetic polycarbonate material. There are different factors in using contact lenses that one should be aware of.

The first factor is the type of contacts that one is wearing. There are basically two kinds of contacts, disposable and permanent. Disposable contacts can be easily and neatly thrown away after use. However, people whose eyes tend to water a lot when they wake up in the morning or those whose eyes are frequently dry might want to have permanent contacts which would last much longer than usual.

The second factor is to choose an over-the-counter contact lens solution

There are basically two options when choosing an over-the-counter contact lens solution. There is the solution which is fluid and then there is the solution that is oil-based. Fluids provide relief for irritated eyes; oil-based solutions help one avoid eye redness caused by contact lens wear.

The third factor to consider is consulting with your eye doctor. Before buying contact lenses, it is important that you consult with your eye doctor to know about the correct prescription that you need. Ask your eye doctor to give you the recommended strength of solution, the right cleaning and the appropriate frequency of wearing contacts. With your doctor’s advice, you will surely avoid any adverse effects to your vision and get optimum results with your contact lenses.

buy the right and recommended contact lens case

Contact lens cases come in different shapes and sizes depending on the size of the contact lens. It is important that you buy the right case that will secure your contact lenses and prevent them from getting misplaced, contaminated or damaged. This will also give you peace of mind knowing that your contact case is durable and can withstand the rigors of frequent usage and handling.

The fifth factor is to follow-up regularly. Make sure to use a good and proper care for your lenses. You have to remember that frequent usage of contacts may cause dryness, irritation and even infections and you have to address these problems as early as possible. Following these steps and the right lens materials will surely enhance the quality of your vision and protect it from premature wear.

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