Best Virtual Escape Rooms!

So, you are looking for the best virtual escape rooms available on the Internet? Then I just have to say congratulations on that one. Now before we proceed any further, I want to warn you about a couple of things that you need to be aware of and maybe even look out for. This article is going to touch upon a couple of these issues and hopefully by the end of this article, you will be better prepared to choose from among the best escape rooms available online and perhaps even pick up a new hobby or two while you are at it.


the fun part comes in playing the older games that can take you all-day

First of all, you need to know that there are two main types of these online escape rooms: those that have a physical location and those that are hosted on the Internet. The problem with the physical ones is that typically, they have an age limit of 14 and you usually only get a certain number of tries (and sometimes times, multiple tries) before you are eliminated from the game. However, the fun part comes in playing the older games that can take you all day! These were actually the original escape rooms and, believe it or not, many of the current “good” online escape rooms are based on them and often, some of the later ones are based on the same games!


the kind of game you are looking to play and your own personal preference and skill level

So now we come to the big issue: Which one is better? The answer to that question really comes down to the kind of game you are looking to play and your own personal preference and skill level. As I mentioned above, the older games tend to require more of a challenge and are better suited for those who enjoy a challenge, whether it is solving puzzles or working your brain in ways you may never have thought possible. The younger games, on the other hand, are generally better if you are looking for an easy way to relax and have fun online with your friends. Again, there are varying degrees of difficulty, and depending on your own personal preference, the difficulty levels will vary as well. I personally have never seen the higher difficulty levels in any online escape rooms, so I would suggest giving the younger ones a try first!


the puzzles in the later version are less difficult than those in the former

Of course, both of these Escape from Pompeii and Mystery Case Files Huntsville games offer the basic escape-the-room theme and in my opinion, only the first one has a real “hook”. That is, of course, because of its huge puzzle element. In the former, you must solve the riddle and puzzle to complete the room and move on; while in the latter, you must use the clues you’ve collected throughout the game to uncover the hidden object scene, often timed with a series of time puzzles to solve the mystery and reveal the location of the item you need. The former also offers some pretty neat sound effects, many of which will astound you, much like you would experience if you actually had to crack open a real puzzle… whereas the latter tends to lack the proper sounds, but instead relies on VOIP and similar technology to create the right atmosphere and puzzles for your enjoyment. Because of this, some people feel that the puzzles in the later version are less difficult than those in the former.


Mystery Inc

In conclusion, it seems to me, that Mystery Case Files Huntsville may be slightly inferior to its competitor, Mystery Inc. However, it comes highly recommended if you enjoy solving puzzles and have a good sense of adventure… and who doesn’t? Whether you enjoy solving murders, solving puzzles, solving mind-boggling riddles, or perhaps combining both of these aspects, Mystery Case Files Huntsville is one of the best escape rooms available on the internet today. And if you want to spend a few hours (or even whole nights) getting increasingly frustrated and bored whilst doing it, then you should definitely try this game!


It is well-designed, well-made, and very addictive

The bottom line is, this game has a lot to offer, regardless of whether you enjoy solving puzzles, solving murders, or getting really bored and frustrated. It is well-designed, well-made, and very addictive – but above all else, it is truly fun! You can purchase this game either as a single-player or multi-player (co-op) game. If you like the idea of escape rooms but don’t necessarily enjoy the reality, you should try this one. And if you do enjoy the reality but find that you have no time to actually make it to your next room, well, I guess you can just read a book!

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