Body Armor – Types of Protection For Your Body

armor protects against a different type of injury

Body armor, as a general term, is designed to provide protection to the wearer from injury in case of an attack, whether by a criminal or a member of the public. The term “body armor” covers a broad range of protective gear that’s used by law enforcement personnel and security professionals for self-defense reasons. Body armor comes in many forms, including but not limited to, bullet proof vests, ballistic vests, and defensive spray. Each type of armor protects against a different type of injury.

Bulletproof vests are extremely durable, able to withstand large caliber firearms (or large caliber handgun). Body armor that is used by law enforcement officers and other personnel has been improved over the years to better meet the needs of their specialized and often dangerous jobs. Ballistic protection is probably the most popular kind of body armor currently available. It consists of a protective ceramic material that, when hit by a handgun, disperses to provide minimal injury to the wearer. This type of armor offers greater protection than other kinds of armor. However, this type of armor is relatively expensive.

Comfort armor

Body armor that is used to protect children is called comfort armor. This is usually less effective than true ballistic armor because it does not stop the bullet. Comfort armor helps prevent the spread of pain or tears that might be suffered by the body of the shooter. It also reduces the amount of internal bleeding that may occur as a result of an attack. This is especially important because many children receive first aid treatment after being shot, and if the protection of the body armor allows them to remain stable during the treatment, it may lessen the chance of their lifelong disability.

Another type of protective vest is defensive spray. If a shooter targets an individual who is wearing a vest that is equipped with a defense spray, the shooter can be temporarily disarmed without having to worry about harming the person with the gun. The spray causes an oily substance that makes it difficult for the attacker to aim at the person wearing the vest.

primarily in Law Enforcement

Bulletproof vests are used primarily in Law Enforcement. They are used by those in the police force as well as security forces. The material within the vest prevents the bullet from penetrating the wearer’s skin. It also renders the wearer capable of defending himself or herself against a gun attack for several more yards. The vest protects the wearer against handguns through means of a shockwave that causes the bullet to be slowed down.

Some of the greatest cities in the United States have bulletproof vests for police officers. These vests are designed to withstand the force of a pistol shot. Although they do not stop all handguns, they offer incredible protection for law enforcement personnel. The use of these vests is very important to keep our streets safe.

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