Bullet Journal Prompts

few journal tips that will help you choose the right one

For many people, keeping a journal is therapeutic. Not only do you have the ability to reflect on your own life, but you are constantly reminded of what made you who you are, your goals, and your dreams. A journal also gives you an outlet for your creativity and is a great way to store important documents. Because they are so popular, I thought it would be helpful to give you a a tips.

Most bullet journaling notebooks are on the expensive side, generally around $30 or more for a basic notebook with light paper. These are great if you are journaling about specific ideas and don’t want the hassle of writing out everything else and then marking it up later. They are also a great investment if you regularly purchase ideas online.

This makes a really cute diary

If you are on a budget, fun way to get creative with your journal is to get creative with your writing pens! Pencils make great pets and are easy to use. For your journal, try out the gel pens which are just as small as a dollar bill and come in colors! You can write on them as well as writing on paper.

Another great idea for a fun way to journal is to make a grid inside a large spiral notebook or journal. The first step to creating a grid is to take a large piece of graph paper and draw a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line down the center of the page. It doesn’t matter what shape or size the graph paper is, as long as you can create a simple grid. Now you can write in any direction on the grid, even diagonally or horizontally.

Creating your own journaling ideas

You can alternate back and forth between horizontal and vertical writing on the grid. As you get better at journaling, you can start using other shapes and sizes of graph paper and other materials. In addition to writing on the grid, you can also draw pictures, draw cartoons, put quotes or poems, or anything else on it. Your bullet journal will be unique and will reflect your personality. With a little bit of imagination, it’s not that difficult to come up with new ideas for journaling.

If you need some ideas for a creative way to create your own journal, visit your local craft store. They have lots of interesting tools and supplies for you to use. You can use these supplies to make beautiful journal prompts. When I was younger, my favorite were always calendar pages with colorful beads and other cute papers. Creating your own journaling ideas is only limited by your imagination.

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