Business Energy Rates – Helping Businesses Save Money on Electricity Bills

business energy

A business energy supplier determines what rates you qualified for based on the following considerations. First, your company’s annual electricity/gas/diesel consumption. Second, your company’s “green” initiatives, if it supports these initiatives. Third, whether or not your company has a relationship with an installer that works on their own or has sub-contractors that they work with.


Most businesses these days are quite interested in going green. This is why so many utility companies are encouraging them to go this route. Many businesses use a lot of electricity/gas/diesel (the majority) and want to be able to provide more choices to their customers. Going green is all about saving money, while also making the environment better and saving people’s lives. So companies want to partner with smart meter companies that can provide them with the most benefits.

Some companies are trying to go a step further. Many companies have passed through the Climate Change Levy and are required by law to purchase a certain percentage of their electricity or gas from a local supplier that offers a green deal. In the U.K., many local authorities are encouraging businesses to get involved in the “greening” of their operations. The government offers tax credits, and incentives to those who choose to go this route, and the vast majority of businesses should qualify for at least some of the savings provided. Of course, the bigger companies will likely get the biggest discounts, so if your company is relatively new and small, it may not be worthwhile to go through with it.


Another thing that businesses can do to save money on their energy bills is to make sure that they are properly insulated. Even though the cost of installing insulation varies greatly, most businesses should be able to install it without too much trouble. Insulation typically involves installing bricks or tiles around the outside of buildings to prevent heat loss and cold air infiltration. Installing insulation also takes away the need for a stand alone heat recovery system.

For those businesses that are already in operation, there are a number of options available to them in order to help reduce their energy usage. These include things like encouraging customers to leave a light off when they are not using the room. This ensures that the most efficient use of space is utilized and therefore lowers business energy rates. Also, changing some of the appliances in a business can drastically reduce the amount of electricity and gas used.


Overall, businesses can significantly reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions by doing several different things. Among these things are taking the steps that are necessary to get an energy audit done, and making changes where needed. However, it is important to remember that going green doesn’t just have to stop with the present; it should be a long term goal for all businesses.

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