Different Types Of Silicone Bracelets

Your Number One source of top quality and highly customizable silicone bracelets. Whether you want to market your business, publicize your brand or spread a message for a good cause, we’re here to deliver custom rubber bracelets that are sure to fulfill that job.

Check out the bracelet styles we offer to see which one suits your needs best.

Debossed Bracelets

Be in with the common trend with our most popular bracelet type, the debossed bracelets. Available in various colors, debossed bracelets will carry your brand name, slogan or logo with class. We’ll mold your design into the bracelets to create gorgeous items that everyone will love to wear.

Embossed Bracelets

If you want to make your bracelets look more special, then get our embossed bracelets. With this style, your design is not just engraved on the silicone bracelets, but is raised over the surface. This makes your design stand out in the crowd.

Silicone Bracelets

Color-filled Bracelets

With color-filled bracelets, we coat an additional color to the standard debossed bracelets. We fill the recesses of your design with your choice of paint color. This process provides an eye-catching contrast to the bracelets that is visible even from a distance.

Color-coated Bracelets

Color-coated bracelets are our latest bracelet style. Before engraving, we first paint the outside of the bracelets with your preferred color. Once your design is engraved and the process completed, your bracelets will have a contrasting effect that will surely make heads turn.

One-inch Bracelets

One-inch bracelets are the perfect choice if you want to include large designs. The standard bracelet size is half-inch, so with one-inch bracelets, the working space is doubled. You can combine the name, logo and message of your brand all in a single bracelet.

¾-inch Bracelets

If you can’t choose between half-inch and one-inch, then perhaps ¾-inch is what you need. With ¾-inch bracelets, you can make your design larger while not being excessively huge. This bracelet style is becoming more popular with musicians so expect to see a lot of concert-goers wearing them.

Segmented Bracelets

Rubber braceletsBracelets with segmented colors are great for any occasion. You can choose up to three colors to be segmented around the silicone bracelets. This creates brighter, more colorful bracelets that will definitely grab people’s attention. Segmented colors can be used in conjunction with any bracelet style excluding color-coated.

Swirled Bracelets

Swirled colors produce a tie-dyed effect to your custom bracelets. Choose any two or three colors and we’ll swirl these colors together around the bracelets to make them look more colorful. Swirled bracelets are excellent for any organization with multiple color themes. This style can be added to debossed, silk-screened and embossed bracelets.

Silkscreen Bracelets

Silk-screened bracelets are your perfect option if your design includes an elaborate lettering or logo. We’ll take your design and print it onto the bracelets by means of silkscreen process. You can incorporate any logo or text so long as it fits. However, be reminded that silkscreen prints are not as long-lasting as color-filled bracelets.

Key chain Bands

If you want your bracelets to look really different from the others, give our key chain bands a try. We’ll take regular silicone bracelets and attach a special hardware to turn them into keychains. This is a truly unique approach to publicize your brand and message.

Micro Bracelets

Micro bracelets are gaining increased popularity at fundraising events and schools. Since micro bracelets are only ¼-inch, which is half the standard bracelet size, many people wear multiple micro bracelets at once. But because of its small size, we do not recommend this style for intricate designs as they will not be as visible.

Finger Bands

Finger bands are one of the latest items we offer. While silicone bracelets are worn around the wrist, finger bands can be worn similarly as rings. We use the same 100% pure silicone in manufacturing our finger bands so you can guarantee the same high quality as with all our bracelets.