Disposable Contact Lenses – Designed to Fit All Eye Types

Contact Lenses, also known as simply contact lenses, are thin, curved lenses placed directly onto the cornea of your eye’s. Contact lenses have been used for over 150 years, and they are used for many different purposes, both therapeutic and corrective, as well as for beauty and fashion reasons. A contact lens is a great way to change your eye color, to emphasize your eye color, or just to alter the color of your eyes altogether! Contact Lenses are comfortable to wear all day long, and you can find various types and styles that will not interfere with your vision while driving, taking a bath or going outside.

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When choosing a pair of contact lenses, your choice will largely depend on your eye prescription. Your optometrist will examine your eyes to determine what correction you need, whether it’s a central vision correction near-infrared vision correction, farsightedness correction, astigmatism correction, or any combination of correction, and he will prescribe the appropriate contact lenses for your specific needs. In most cases, your optometrist will give you a list of brands and styles to choose from, and he will probably instruct you in the proper care and cleaning of your contact lenses, so that you can get the most benefit and use them for the longest amount of time possible. Many people prefer soft contact lenses because they’re easier on the eye and tend to provide a more natural look to your eyes.

Contact lense

A wide variety of manufacturers make contact lenses, including brands such as Advair, Ciba Vision, Durasoft, Freshlook, Purevision, Acuvue, and Bolle, to name a few. These brands generally come in three categories: Soft, Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (RGP), and High Particulate Coating (HPC). There are also a variety of combinations available, including gas permeable and oil contact lenses. For this article, we’ll focus on the latter.

RGP disposable contact lenses are generally the type of lens, most people wear. If you wear contact lenses to correct your vision and wish to reduce your dependence on glasses, then RGP lenses may be an ideal option for you. RGP is usually worn as “disposable” lenses when the wearer does not need to wear glasses to perform certain activities, such as riding a motorcycle or other outdoor sports. RGP disposable contact lenses are designed to be quickly and easily removed without the need for a replacement. To remove them, all you need to do is take off the lens cap, slide it out of the eye, then pull the lens gently back into place.


The other option for disposables is to wear HPC. High-quality HPC contact lenses provide a high level of comfort and ease of removal, as well as a more natural look to the eye. Like RGP, all it takes to remove a HPC lens is to take it off, either by untying the eye cap or pulling it out of the eye itself. Unlike disposable contact lenses, you should consult with an optometrist before beginning to wear any type of HPC eye wear to ensure that you are beginning to wear contact lenses properly.

As with all medical equipment, contact lenses require proper care to ensure optimal performance and fewer complications. Once you begin wearing contacts, you should follow the directions provided by the manufacturer and follow all of the maintenance guidelines provided by your eye doctor. You should also clean the lens case on a regular basis. Cleaning should include frequent cleaning so that bacteria does not accumulate on the lens and cause infections. In addition, if at any time you suspect that you might have an infection, you should contact your eye doctor immediately.

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