Effects of blue light glasses

How to Care For Your Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses can help prevent the computer display system from destroying the monitor. Screen burn-in is a common problem associated with CRT monitor screens. Blue Light Glasses work as a filter to absorb blue light from the computer screen. This prevents the burning in effect which occurs when the image on the computer screen is replaced by the same image on the CRT monitor for many hours.


According to a myth

blue light is a curse and has to be cast out with a magic wand. On the contrary, it is a blessing that must be embraced with joy. Blue light is defined as a particular wavelength in the visible light spectrum. The visible light spectrum contains all the colors the human eye could see, such as the entire rainbow of colorful hues from red to yellow to green. Among all these, blue light delivers high levels of power to the eyes and has a very short wavelength, thus helping our eyes to get rid of long day fatigues such as those brought about by computer screens.


As technology advanced

the eyeglass shape has changed from conventional large oval lenses to more convenient and smaller oval and rectangular lenses. This change has led to more convenience in using electronic devices such as cameras, mobile phones, PDA, and tablet computers. With these electronic devices, wearers are now able to see them easily and glance at them for a short period. However, our vision gets strained if we keep looking at the same spot for too long. And, this strain of vision could make us look tired. For this reason, eyeglasses are becoming more popular because they allow our eyes to take a rest from looking at electronic devices for a certain period.


If you have already purchased a pair of blue light glasses

but are still suffering from some eye issues, you should know how to take care of your new pair. Like any other pair of glasses, they need to be properly maintained to make sure that they stay in good shape for a long time. The first step in taking care of the pair is to ensure that it is properly cleaned at least once a week or whenever there are times when the lenses get dirty. You can use a cloth to wipe off the excess dirt or any excess moisture on the lenses.


If there are times

when you feel like your eyes are becoming very uncomfortable, it may be a good idea to wipe away the moisture droplets or even use special lenses with blue light blocking properties. In using special lenses, you should remember not to wear them when under more stress or when working out. If you notice that your eyes feel strained when you are staring at screens or computer monitors for a long period, you may want to consider buying a pair of blue light glasses to alleviate this problem.


When you notice that your eyes are becoming red or irritated

you may want to purchase a pair of special lenses with blue light blocking glasses. These types of glasses are specifically designed to help reduce any discomfort that you are experiencing when looking at computer monitors, screens, or even while looking at flowers and small pictures. This type of eyewear is usually worn by people who sit at a computer all day or those who often work outside or in bright sunlight. Since it helps to eliminate some of the strain on your eyes when you are working, wearing these kinds of glasses can help you to enjoy your computer more.

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