Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Samurai Swords

Samurai Sword is unique

A Samurai Sword is typically a durable, heavy weapon, designed for a specific purpose. In times of conflict, Samurai Sword’s were often used to fight on behalf of their country. Samurai warriors had a unique responsibility and were expected to defend the Japanese people from attacks. They did this by perfecting a unique form of sword fighting known as “inkai.” This was done through repeated practice of a special form of sword fighting that incorporated the use of horse riding, striking with the sword and gymnastics into one fluid, quick movement.

A samurai sword is Japanese swords designed with a straight, single-edged blade and a square or circular guard with a flat wrap. The concept of “inkai” was developed later than the typical katana, it was originally used by samurai warriors in medieval Japan and carried straight with the blade always pointing upwards. Samurai swords were primarily created with a high carbon content steel that could endure the punishment of rigorous sword combat and could withstand many blows. A higher carbon content steel also means that the knife has a more compact core which makes it easier to draw. For this reason, samurai swords were generally made by forging a single piece of high carbon steel at a time so that when the blade was crafted it would have a good blade sharpening reputation.

replica samurai swords were constructed by Japanese companies

After World War II, a number of replica samurai swords were constructed by Japanese companies and were sold to collectors all over the world. In addition to being an extremely strong weapon, many samurais also had decorative features such as decorative handles, scabbards, and even some scopes. With the popularity of the samurai sword came the practice of kimono designs. These beautiful kimono-clad samurai swords were then handed down from father to son. Some kimono designs depicting the symbol of an eternal circle, which some feel represented the cycle of life and death.

While the popularity of the Japanese sword waned in favor of guns and gunsmanship, the art of sword craftsmanship and samurai swords were never lost. Today you can still see many authentic pieces of Japanese swords throughout the world, both in museums and in Samurai Sword Museum shops in Japan. Many of these swords were recovered from the locations where they were used and guarded by samurai warriors long ago.

Japanese swords are double edged

Samurai swords are made in several styles, including Japanese swords and European swords. There are even Chinese replica swords that look very much like a traditional samurai sword, but don’t actually contain the authentic blade. Regardless of the type of blade, each and every blade were made by the same skilled craftsman over centuries of production, and each was then put to use in battle to win battles for glory and honor.

Today, there are a few variations on the classic design of Japanese swords. Many Japanese swords are double edged, meaning that they contain a blade on both sides with a sharp edge on the inside. This allows the user to take advantage of the momentum of an impact between the blade and the target, using the momentum to swing the weapon quickly into an opponent. On the other hand, westerners have historically been made to carry a single-edged sword which is designed more for cutting, while allowing the user to make quick, agile cuts as well.

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