Grooming Your Dog – Why Regular Brushing is Important

How often you groom your dog

Can tell you how much they enjoy being brushed. They may seem to be hard to grooms but there are a number of benefits to making this part of your daily grooming routine. By brushing regularly your dog will have a longer life and less risk of disease. This article will discuss the benefits of brushing your dogs.

One of the first major steps to grooming your dog is to properly brush, preferably once each day, before any other grooming. Brushing is very important for long haired or curly-haired dogs or those with loose fur. Use a wide-toothed comb to work the loose fur and gently comb through to remove knots and tangles.

The goal of short coats is to keep water away

Most dogs have two coats of fur; a short one and a longer, finer one. The insides of the coats. Longer coats are usually kept longer to protect them from the weather, and are often brushed more to remove dead, matted and tangled hairs. Some dogs like the added protection of having a shorter coat and so prefer to have their coats trimmed or professionally brushed every couple of months.

For most dogs, brushing is very important to avoid matting and tangling of hair. Many dogs shed both their winter and summer coat and if they don’t get their hair trimmed regularly, the excessive hair can make your carpet look terrible. To avoid matting try brushing your dog closer to the ground. Most poodles need to have their hair trimmed or professionally brushed about twice per year.

Regular brushing helps keep your dog’s skin clean and healthy

It also prevents the accumulation of dandruff that can be a health risk for your dogs. Dandruff is caused by the dead skin cells and flakes remaining on the dog’s body. This flaking of skin can spread extremely quickly to other parts of your dog’s body. It is possible for your dogs to catch the cold during winter and because it is very dry, this flaking can irritate the skin and lead to a red and irritated rash. Regular brushing will help keep your dog’s skin healthy and rid it of flaky skin.

If you own dogs of any kind, you should know that they need proper exercise to stay healthy and fit. However, most dogs that are properly brushed will tend to stay in great shape throughout the year. If your dog does not receive the proper care and attention, then you may want to consider purchasing a slicker brush to ensure your dog’s health.

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