How To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction: Common Physical Causes

When talking about the most common causes of erectile dysfunction, it is oftentimes overlooked that depression and anxiety can both play a big part in the situation. Both men and women experience this condition in varying degrees but because of how depression and anxiety affect the body, it has a much bigger influence on an individual’s ability to be successful in overcoming this condition. One thing that is for certain is that stress and anxiety have a direct impact on an erection.


circulation and stress

The biggest most common physical contributing factors to erectile dysfunction are usually related to circulation and stress. High blood pressure, heart disease, atherosclerotic disease, and high cholesterol can all affect the level of blood flow to the penis. Diabetes leads to ED by damage to blood vessels and nerves. Stress and anxiety both increase blood flow to the penis and lead to reduced ability to sustain an erection or to maintain it throughout intercourse.


high blood sugar and cholesterol levels

It is not just high blood sugar and cholesterol levels that cause the condition, but they can also indirectly cause ED. ED is directly caused by the premature ejaculation of a man who has been performing poorly throughout sex. Diabetes is one of the many factors that increase the risk of having to deal with ED or even having to deal with its complications such as impotence and premature ejaculation. When you add anxiety and depression to the equation, it only makes things that much more difficult.



There are many other medical conditions and lifestyle factors that lead to this embarrassing and sometimes embarrassing situation. Many men are unaware that smoking and alcohol use can both increase the risk factors for having erectile dysfunction. Nicotine and alcohol use can both cause the vascular system in the penis to constrict. This, in turn, reduces blood flow to the penile area. When there is less blood flow, it means there is less room for blood to get to where it needs to go and an erection can’t be sustained.


medical conditions

Other medical conditions that are associated with ED can be high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, optic nerve damage, heart failure, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and stroke. All of these conditions have the same underlying symptom of decreased blood flow and therefore lowered chances of erections. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may have to take more aggressive steps to get an erection and stay one for a long enough period of time to complete sex.


the solution will involve a healthy lifestyle and diet

The above-mentioned medical conditions are the most commonly associated physical causes for ED. There are many cases where it can be caused by a combination of all of these. In many cases, the underlying issue will be heart disease and in these cases, the solution will involve a healthy lifestyle and diet. In more severe cases the cause can be from physical causes such as stroke or diabetes and in these cases, lifestyle changes need to be made to help the person to prevent further health problems.

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