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electricity contract in the most legal and convenient way possible

You want to terminate your electricity contract with your current electricity provider, as you’re approaching the end of your current contract and wish to switch provider. However, you have no idea how to cancel your current electricity contract. There is a confusing array of methods and legal clauses that make it difficult to simply wind down your electricity provider. To avoid unnecessary delays and possible additional charges, read this article to make sure you cancel your current electricity contract in the most legal and convenient way possible.

You are required by law to keep your energy contracts with your current suppliers until the renewable energy schedule becomes operational. This means that your contracts cannot be terminated during this period. In order to protect your interests, it is best to know how to easily terminate your current supplier. You should do this immediately when you start planning for changes or that you’re thinking about switching providers. To help you plan easier, get some ideas from experts on how to easily terminate your current energy contracts. Also check the regulations in your area for changing energy contracts.

they are required to give you the opportunity to agree on the termination

An important reminder – if you decide to change energy contracts, you cannot just change your electricity supplier and expect it to automatically terminate your agreement. Instead, the contract will remain in effect as long as you notify your supplier of your intention to terminate one month prior to your termination. If you don’t inform them, they may not be able to complete the termination process. However, they are required to give you the opportunity to agree on the termination and give you the chance to arrange for a suitable alternative energy supplier.

If you can’t easily cancel your energy contracts, the next best thing is to take full advantage of the laws on consumer protection and cancel them as soon as you can. This is much easier than trying to get a consumer licence. Most suppliers and energy companies require a consumer licence to buy electricity but they don’t require you to have one for canceling your agreement. The rules on cancellation fees are different depending on your area and you must check with the provider to see how much cancellation fee you will need to pay.

terminate your current electricity provider if you’re certain you want to move

To make sure you won’t be charged for cancellation fees, it’s worth taking a few minutes to ask for advice at a local office. Most companies will be happy to give you a free no obligation quote as long as you contact them within the period specified by their website and tell them exactly why you want to cancel. The worst thing they can say is “no” so it’s worth asking for as much information as possible and then compare prices with other providers. You can cancel several months in advance to save yourself some money. If you want to be sure you won’t be charged for cancellation, you can ask for a one-week pre-payment while you’re still in the process of switching contracts so you won’t incur any cancellation fees.

You should only terminate your current electricity provider if you’re certain you want to move. You should also ensure your contract complies with the laws of electricity which state that you can’t join another supplier for three months after joining another one. Any contract which doesn’t comply can be terminated by the supplier within the three-month period. You may also need to provide proof that your termination does comply with these laws before your contract comes into force. Always check with the Electricity Code Office before changing suppliers to make sure your contract won’t void as a result.

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