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Interstate Moving

If you need to move your home or office a long distance, movers can help. They provide a variety of services to suit different needs. They can fit a van into your vehicle for the trip, or a flatbed truck. The options are limited only by the space you have available and the size of the truck you choose.


The big question is whether you need to move just one or a large group of belongings. Most long distance moves, even those that involve trucks, are usually handled by a single experienced professional mover. Once you schedule a moving date with the company, they will bring a large, fully loaded commercial truck to your location, and any other needed moving supplies. Once at your location, the crew unloads everything and puts your belongings in the new home or business space.

Depending on your needs, you can schedule full or part-time movers, depending upon how much work needs to be done. Full-time movers can manage larger and longer loads, while part-time movers can handle smaller loads, and only during certain times. You will want movers with experience and skill to do long-distance moves of any size.


The next step is preparation. Most relocation companies have a packing schedule in place, and this will be used whether you move yourself or hire a professional mover. The packing process usually begins with loading up the vehicle, then loading and unloading the goods, and finally unpacking everything once at your new location. Some relocation companies have a specially trained employee who can handle the entire packing process, however it is often best to employ the services of at least one person for each load.

As soon as the movers arrive to take care of your move, they will determine how long it will take based upon the mileage and make a complete list of everything. This will include all fragile and important items as well as valuable collectibles. Some long distance moves are long enough that no items need to be separated until the truck arrives, however some long distance moves require that items be placed in the truck prior to loading so that they can be brought to the destination point. The average cost of an interstate move cross country is between ten and twenty-five dollars per day.


In addition to the actual moving truck expenses, there are several other costs associated with long-distance moves. Movers will need to rent packing materials, purchase packing supplies such as boxes, tape, labels, and more. Hiring movers can help cut these costs down tremendously.

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