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Lowering Voltage

Electric power consumption refers to the electrical energy used by a device. The amount of electric power consumed is measured in Watts (W). For example, the electrical power consumed by a washing machine is 3 W. Let us see some of the devices that consume this kind of power:

Minimize Air conditioning use

An air-conditioning system consumes a large amount of power. Heat transfer depends mainly on the temperature. Air conditioners need a constant flow of air to function well. On the other hand, heat pumps transfer heat in a continuous manner and do not need a constant supply of air or heat. Thus, air conditioners consume a large quantity of electrical energy while heat pumps transfer the energy in a less demanding way.

LED Bulbs

Lighting consumes a large amount of energy for its illumination. The amount of power consumption depends on the wattage and length of the lamp. Generally, the wattage of a bulb is determined by the amount of light it can produce at a specific distance from the bulb. However, the LED bulbs are consuming less power as compared to other bulbs. Therefore, low wattage LED bulbs can be chosen for use in outdoor lights.

Increase the speed of the processor

A laptop computer is used often. Usually, it has a small amount of memory and consumes a large amount of power. Therefore, to save electrical energy per unit of the computer, many manufactures have provided additional slots for expanding the capacity of the RAM, which leads to more overall memory capacity and less power consumption. The other method to improve the power consumption per unit of a computer is to increase the speed of the processor, which leads to greater overall speed.

Enable fewer active programs

A computer’s rate at which data is processed has a direct impact on the amount of energy consumed. Some of the techniques to reduce the rate at which work is done include enabling the option of using fewer active programs during start-up. Another technique is to turn off the idle processing cache when not in use to reduce the need for continuously searching for work to be done. Computers often come with built-in cooling fans that help to minimize energy usage.

Minimize the display brightness

When measuring the consumption of power, the most commonly used and easily measurable parameters are power consumption measured in amperes or kilowatts and total consumption measured in watts. These two parameters can be directly influenced by the operation settings of the device. For example, the display brightness of a computer screen largely determines the amount of power consumption. To measure power consumption accurately, one must determine the maximum and minimum operating limits of the device and then evaluate these values against the manufacturer’s specified figures for the particular product.

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