Minoxidil – Is it Really an Effective Solution for Hair Loss?

Minoxidil is the brand name for the medication Rogaine. It is a treatment for hair loss and is commonly known as “mini Rogaine”. Minoxidil is one of the few drugs in existence that have shown proven effectiveness in treating hair loss. However, there are many questions that surround the use of Minoxidil. Read on to find out if Minoxidil is right for you.



The biggest question around Minoxidil is whether or not it works. A clinical trial involving more than 1600 male patients demonstrated that Minoxidil does indeed promote hair growth. Minoxidil was found effective in promoting hair growth when it was combined with topical Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil alone showed results in only a small number of cases.

Does this mean all Minoxidil users are guaranteed to see new hair? No. To date, only a few studies have been conducted that actually show a significant result. More research is definitely needed to confirm its benefits. Minoxidil side effects vary from user to user. Some of the side effects that have been observed include restlessness, anxiety, headaches, nausea, and increased appetite.

Is there any downside to using Minoxidil? Minoxidil can be quite expensive. A typical bottle of Rogaine can cost more than several hundred dollars. Although these costs do add up over time, the side effects are worth the price.

In addition to the cost, Rogaine has a lot of competition. Two other prescription drugs are even more expensive than Rogaine. And many over-the-counter products also have Rogaine-like ingredients. If you’re thinking of trying a natural, non-prescription hair loss treatment, then you’ll probably be disappointed with the lack of results.


side effects to Minoxidil


Are there any side effects to Minoxidil? Minoxidil does produce some side effects. These side effects generally include mild stomach cramps and dizziness. The dizziness occurs more often in younger people and tends to fade away after a few hours. Headaches are also a common side effect, however they tend to go away on their own after a few days. Some users experience an increase in appetite, but this tends to diminish within a few weeks as the body adjusts to the low calorie diet.

Why does hair loss occur? One of the most common causes is male pattern baldness. This type of baldness appears due to the attack of DHT on hair follicles in our scalp. Minoxidil works by stopping the production of DHT.

How effective is Minoxidil? Although there’s no real clinical test data available to confirm the effectiveness of Minoxidil, millions of men have used it with great results. Most people who try it will get some benefit, though those who experience side effects should stop using the product immediately.

As you can see, Minoxidil does have its downsides. For most people, the benefits outweigh the side effects, though. Even if you do experience side effects, you should discontinue use as soon as possible and contact your doctor if you experience further symptoms. Minoxidil for hair loss is a sound solution. The only advice is to check with your doctor before beginning treatment.

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