Renewable Energy – Examples of Green Energy

What exactly is green energy?

Green energy is energy that has no impact on the environment or one that is efficient and sustainable. Green energy is where the environmental impact of the energy production does not leave a single carbon footprint for our planet. As technologies are propelling the world further into technologically advanced stages, the techniques of these energy production are also becoming more advanced.

Hydroelectric power is one such example where green energy sources are being used to produce clean energy. The main advantages of the use of this kind of power source are that it is pollution free and it has very little impact on the environment. Hydroelectric generators convert water into steam by using pressure from an upstream river. The steam is then used to turn a turbine and the resulting electricity is again pollution free.

The process also works in reverse

The water is first turned into steam again which is again turned into electricity by means of a solar cell. The main advantage of using this kind of power generation is that it is pollution-free. There are two main methods used in hydroelectric cell power generation. These are the direct and the indirect methods.

In the direct method, the power generation produces electricity directly from the water that is being turned into steam. For this kind of power generation to work, the upstream river is your best bet. The downside of this kind of green energy source is that there is no chance of exhausting the river. In the indirect method, the power generated is similar to that of a nuclear facility, which means that the possibility of exhaustion from the upstream river is very small.

renewable energy sources

Solar panels are another great example of how green energy can help out our planet. These are actually devices that trap the sun’s heat and use it to create electricity. With the use of solar panels, you not only help out our planet but can also become a millionaire overnight. The renewable energy sources that we are referring to here are geothermal and tidal. These two sources are pretty much renewable and do not deplete easily.

There are a lot more natural resources that we can tap into for our own good. The main problem now is that all the energy resources are used up. Even though we have oil and gas reserves, there will come a time when they will be depleted at a rapid rate. With all the nuclear waste that is out there, it is obvious that we need to find a way to replace it with green energy. This is exactly what the biofuels can provide us with.

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