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Renewable Energy

Wind energy has become a very popular form of alternative energy, and its increasing popularity is a direct result of its numerous benefits. Wind power has been used for centuries in several countries, and it was even considered an alternative source of energy hundreds of years ago. The sheer fact that this energy is free is what attracts people towards it, and also what makes it so effective. Wind energy provides many benefits, which is why it is now among the fastest-growing alternative energy resources in the globe.

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Wind power is being used on a large scale across several countries around the world, and its increasing presence in city planning is encouraging small entrepreneurs and homeowners to go ahead and invest in wind farms. Research efforts have been aimed at identifying the most viable obstacles to further use of wind energy on a larger scale. One such challenge is the lack of space for the installation of large turbines.

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One issue that many people have is the fear of over-use of wind power generated by small, low-sized turbines. As mentioned above, space is one of the biggest obstacles to using large wind energy plants. Wind turbines require space for the blades, which is why they are usually placed on rooftops. Some areas are more suitable for large solar panels. Another problem is that most of these turbines need to be pointed towards the sun in order to be effective, although this can be solved by positioning the blades perpendicular to the sun. One way in which solar panels can solve this problem is by positioning them on poles in a field.

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The other major obstacle to the wider use of wind energy is the lack of understanding for how the wind turbine works. When wind speeds reach over ten to fifteen miles per hour, the kinetic energy of the air is converted into electrical energy via a dynamo connected to a generator. This generator converts the kinetic energy into a direct current, which can be used to power homes and businesses. Unfortunately, even at higher wind speeds, the process does not work entirely automatically. Electricity is produced from the rotor blades and is sent through wiring to an alternator or battery.

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Although the methods described can generate electricity from renewable energy sources, the overall effect is the same. The only difference is the use of fewer natural resources. However, as technology continues to improve and become cleaner, the cost of wind energy will continue to drop, making it more affordable to everyone. In fact, it is currently the most economically viable clean energy source available.

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