Risk Factors of Eye Strain

digital eye strain on a daily basis

Eye strain is a group of vision and eye problems experienced by many people. The issues associated with this problem can include red and dry eyes, itchiness, and are usually dry and sore. Your vision may also feel uncomfortable or even tired. You might also be unable to concentrate normally. Many people experience digital eye strain on a daily basis.

A number of causes can result in eye strain. In order to avoid this problem it is recommended that you keep your computer screen bright and always in good shape. You should also avoid reading in dim lights, such as a bar or a restaurant when possible. Be sure to keep the phone and the ambient lighting at a constant level as well. One of the biggest causes for eye strain to the eyes is lighting.

issue with your vision

If you believe you have experienced an issue with your vision, you should immediately contact your family doctor or optometrist, so they can help you with any eye strain issues you have experienced. They can perform an initial visual inspection to determine the cause for your vision problem. If they find out the issue is due to your work, they can schedule you for a comprehensive eye exam. During your eye exam, your optometrist will examine your eyes for the following: blurriness, redness, blind spot, and other issues related to your eyes. Your eye doctor will prescribe various prescriptions to correct these issues.

Other causes for eyesight issues include corneal ulcers, corneal scarring, and laser eye surgery. When it comes to corneal ulcers, these are typically a common condition amongst the elderly. These ulcers are a result of damage to the sensitive tissue in the middle of the eye, which can cause painful blurring of the vision. If you have had this common condition, your vision may have been substantially impacted for a long time, which can make it difficult to distinguish different colors. Once your doctor has diagnosed the condition, he or she may recommend surgery to remove the ulcer or laser treatments to improve the appearance of your eyes.

staring at a computer screen

Eye strain is often caused by long periods of staring at a computer screen, reading, or working on a book. Long periods of staring at a computer screen can lead to muscle strain as your eyes need to take in everything around you, which can cause severe pressure on the eyeball. People who sit at a desk performing tasks for hours on end also put extreme strain on their eyes, sometimes resulting in headaches. Working outside for prolonged periods of time can result in sunburn, dry eyes, and blurred vision. Long periods of extended periods of staring at a computer screen can also contribute to the onset of headaches. If you do constant tasks like this every day, it’s important that you visit an Optometrist or an Eye Care professional frequently for regular eye examinations.

If you are experiencing prolonged eye strain, it can be very difficult to tell when the condition is starting, or if you might have a more serious problem. When you notice that your eyes feel dry or you start to feel bluish or yellowed, you should immediately go to an Optometrist to ensure that there is not an underlying condition that needs to be treated. Some of the more common risk factors of this condition include chronic dry eyes, squinting due to pain, squinting due to the fact that your eyes are sore from using your glasses, or other visual impairments that can cause frequent eye strain.

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