The Defense Body Armor vest

Defense Body Armor

It seems that there is a new movement in bulletproof jackets and bulletproof vests being marketed by the military and police departments. Is this legal? Is it a reasonable use of public funds? How does it differ from the heavy leather jackets worn by cowboys and Indians? These are all valid questions that need to be answered.


First, we need to understand what the Defense Body Armor vest actually is

It is a bulletproof vest made from thick bullet-resistant nylon and polyester fill. It fits true to size and is constructed with high-quality ballistic panels to provide the highest level of protection. It also has a fit guarantee, a warranty, and an attached tag.


The Defense Body Armor vest

comes with a removable liner and a comfortable drawstring waist belt. The removable liner is a necessary part because it adds strength and durability to the vest. It also helps keep things in the front part of the vest away from the bullet. In addition, the liner also helps improve mobility and maneuverability and adds to the overall comfort. The waist belt improves the overall protection capacity of the body armor.


A fit guarantee means that the jacket

will fit perfectly on the wearer. The material used to make the Defense Body Armor is a heavy-duty polyester/methane blend. This material is known for its high wear resistance and long lifespan. The warranty on the entire suite protects the manufacturer, the consumer, and the end-user. There are no warranties on parts or accessories.


Defense Body Armor

is available in both standard sizes and custom sizes. The standard jackets come in different colors including black, desert, woodland, and police. The customization options include adding text, embroidery, zippers, hook and eye closures, pants, pockets, backpacks, and bulletproof vests. For a truly customized fit, there is an optional half sleeve zip option that can be worn under the jacket. This is the same configuration used by the U.S. Military and the Israeli military. The Defense Body Armor is compatible with all M-16 and M-4 rifles.


There have been many people injured

and killed in the line of duty because they did not carry adequate personal protective equipment. This can not be avoided. But carrying body armor will protect you from these dangers and many other potential dangers that you may encounter while at home. The bottom line is this; if you want to protect your family and loved ones, then purchasing an appropriate home defense product is imperative. Do not take chances; equip yourself with the best.

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