Things You Need to Know About Energy Suppliers

In this article you will answer the following questions:

Switching energy providers has never been simpler.

What are my current gas and electricity bills? You need to know how much your bill is every month. Start with a total bill and then work your way down from there. Take note of any tariffs on your bill, these will often differ from your supplier. A good Gas Safe Register online will be able to provide you with information regarding the tariffs on your bill. If you notice any discrepancies, take action as soon as possible.

I want to save money, what are some ways I can switch to a new energy supplier? The first thing you need to do is contact your current supplier and ask them if they would offer you a voluntary return. Voluntary returns are when your supplier offers to reduce your electricity tariffs for a certain period of time in exchange for switching to their company. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make savings on your gas and electricity bills.

How long do I need to give my energy supplier a few months before my tariff will change?

Before you start your energy switch you will have given your energy supplier at least 21 days to respond to your request. This gives you enough time to contact them and ask them to change your tariff. Your supplier may also ask you to supply them with documentation that substantiates your request. If they refuse you will then need to reapply and if they accept you will then be subject to a binding energy switch over the next 21 days. Be aware however that you will not be eligible for any discounts or rebates during this time.

My final bill is more than what I currently pay. Do I have to switch energy supplier to save me money? If your final bill is more than twice what you currently pay then it may be beneficial to switch energy supplier. If you find yourself paying more than double your annual household income then you may find that you would save more by switching to a supplier with better rates.


Switching energy suppliers can prove to be an effective way to reduce your household costs. Just remember to research which companies are willing to give you the best deals. Don’t forget to check whether there are any free offers available to switch as well. And don’t forget to request a copy of your existing supplier’s energy performance certificate (EPC). These documents will prove that your current provider is financially stable and able to supply you with the correct amount of energy at a particular rate for the foreseeable future.

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