Tips In Creating Your Custom Lanyards

Our company is a one-stop shop for all your lanyard needs. We offer the best service and the best quality products that are tailored for your need. We also make sure that we will guide you in every step to come up with a one of a kind lanyard.

To help you come up with a lanyard that will suit you, here are some tips that will help you create a masterpiece:

Custom lanyards are supposed to be meaningful, fashionable and practical. Choosing the size of the lanyard is important since wearers need to wear it comfortably. It must neither be too long nor too short. Aside from the size, the width, background color and pattern are also important. The color is crucial since it may or may not properly convey the message you want to relay. The above mentioned are also important in determining the style of the lanyard you want to create. Everything must match properly to create a clean and clear output.

Choosing your lanyard material is also crucial since there are tons of choices. The Lanyard Factory offers around seven materials you can choose from. Your choice must depend on the purpose or intended use of the custom lanyards since each material is designed to suit different purposes. The most common lanyard material is Polyester because it is more affordable and the background and imprint color can be matched.

If you want a material with intricate detail, you can choose our woven lanyard. The text and other designs will be directly woven with a thread, which means that they won’t easily fade and will surely last longer. Nylon materials are also available. Nylon is considered as the smoothest material and the printed designs appear to be the clearest among other materials. Tubular materials are made out of tube-stitched polyester and are considered as the most comfortable and durable, among the lot. It does not lose its shape even after long-term use and it does not crease. This means that you can place it anywhere and pack it in whatever way without destroying its shape.

Another material available is dye sublimated. This particular material is best for colourful and complicated designs. We also offer cord lanyards that are considered the best when it comes to visibility. This means that the texts imprinted on the lanyard can easily be spotted even in a large crowd. It is also quite comfortable.

ID HoldersYou also have to decide on the type of attachment, which will suit style. We have around ten different types of attachments you can choose from. It is best to consider what you will place in the attachments before choosing one because there are certain attachments that are mainly designed for heavier items and those that are harder to open. Choosing the right attachment will help you protect and secure your things better. Our attachments include oval hook, thumb hook, thumb trigger, swivel J hook, plastic J hook, no swivel j hook, call loop, key ring, bulldog clip and many more.

Another important thing to consider is the purpose of the lanyard. Custom lanyards are designed to suit whatever purpose the wearer wants them to serve. Keep in mind that the lanyard will represent the wearer and the cause it wants to promote. Choosing the texts, images and logos to include will naturally depend on the purpose. If the custom lanyards will be used to promote a brand or a business, it is recommended to choose a simple yet clear and striking design. This is to send a clearer message to the buyers.

A business may also include its website on the lanyard. If the purpose is for identification, such as those used by students and employees, it is best that the lanyard is comfortable and can blend in any theme of type of clothing. It must not be colourful. Neutral colors are actually more recommended, so these can easily blend in. if the purpose is to catch up with the current trend, multi-colored design is recommended since it will help the wearer stand out.

On the other hand, if the sole purpose is to raise awareness to a social problem or to a disease or disorder, it is recommended that the color and design follow that of the cause’s theme. Almost all causes have adapted a color and style that will represent it. These designs usually appear in wristbands and awareness ribbons. Matching the color with the theme will give a sense of unity among the supporters.

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