Wearing a Proof Vest

a bullet to pierce

Proof vests are not, in actuality, completely bulletproof. The fact is that they can still be punctured by bullets but they are so constructed that they become extremely resistant to penetration. The steel fibers used to construct the vest are actually extremely tough and extremely dense. This makes it difficult for a bullet to pierce them. The small fibers also are very hard to stretch, making them difficult to break.

The vest is designed to provide body protection and the addition of Kevlar plate adds to that level of protection. This is because the Kevlar is so dense, strong, and thin, it has a remarkable way of compressing to fill the gaps that other materials may not. The plate works as a layer of reinforcement on top of this extremely hard material, creating a layer of armor around the bullet and vital organs below. This is extremely important protection for those who may be shot in places where they are likely to get hit. It is also highly important protection for those who may be shot on their legs or back and not the vital organs.

a preliminary search to see if there are any weapons found

Because of their construction bullet proof vests have become popular in law enforcement. When someone is arrested, their clothing is taken through a preliminary search to see if there are any weapons found. If the vest is a bullet proof vest then it is a sure thing that no weapons were found during that stop. Police departments rely on these vests because of their incredible strength and protection and their dependability.

Another form of protection that is gained through the wearing of bullet proof vests is for the mentally ill. Those who suffer from mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorders often are the ones who are vulnerable to being targeted by criminals. Those who are wearing one of these vests can protect themselves from having their bullets pierced through their skin, which many criminals will do. Many people with these mental disorders have been known to kill their families.

For those who are concerned about crime stopping, many cities around the country now have an armor-plated police department. Officers are granted permission by their departments to wear bullet proof vests while on duty. These officers are now given the added protection of being able to stop criminals, protect themselves, and give the citizens of their communities a peace of mind.


Bullet proof vests are no longer something that only the police and the military wear. civilians who want extra protection while doing everyday things now have the opportunity to get them. There are now many options available when it comes to choosing a vest for everyday use. One of the most popular options is a bullet-proof vest that is not just bullet proof but also features other protective measures such as bullet-resistant Kevlar armor and a breathable nylon lining. These vests offer the citizen extra protection for themselves and everyone around them.

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