What You Get From Invisalign?

Clear Aligner Treatment Time – What You Get From Invisalign

Patients who wish to correct their teeth may opt for Invisalign or traditional braces, or they may prefer a more non-invasive treatment such as Invisalign. However, the Invisalign system is not 100 percent fail-safe. Even though it offers several advantages over traditional braces, there are also some disadvantages. Many patients are unaware of these disadvantages until after they have completed their treatment and signed a two-year payment contract with a dentist. The following article discusses some common issues that patients may face during or after their treatment has finished.


One disadvantage of clear aligners

is the lack of feedback from the patient during the Invisalign treatment process. During the procedure, the dental practitioner does not see how well the aligner is aligned or if there are any problems with the aligner. This means that a dentist cannot adjust if it is not correct. While most patients can remove their aligners at any time without fear of discomfort or pain, others may need more time. A dentist who performs their own Invisalign treatment may need additional training to know how to adjust it correctly. Also, since the dentist will not be able to see how the aligner is aligned, they can miss other problems with the teeth.


One of the biggest disadvantages of Invisalign

is that it is only an option for those with minor tooth decay or small molars. Patients with these kinds of problems cannot benefit from this type of treatment because it will not work. They will only need to use traditional braces to help them hold their teeth in the right place. This means that they must have a large base of teeth to use invisible aligners effectively. Patients may find that their mouth is still too small once their treatments have been completed.


Another disadvantage of invisible aligners

is that they are much more visible than traditional metal braces. Every time a patient puts their aligner on their teeth they must also take care of their gum line. This can be awkward and difficult to do. This is especially true for teenagers who are trying to show off their new smiles. Many schools have banned students from wearing invisible braces while they are attending as this could promote the wrong kind of appearance.


Invisalign has also been criticized

for being very expensive compared to other dental procedures. It costs over $2500 for one Invisalign treatment which is far more expensive than most dental procedures. Also, many people are unable to afford the extra cost because they simply cannot afford it. Another disadvantage of Invisalign is that some people have reported suffering from pain and numbness while wearing the aligners. Because of this problem, some patients prefer to get their teeth straightened through other methods such as by getting fitted with a metal brace.


There is no doubt that Invisalign braces

provide a great alternative to traditional braces but they come with their own set of disadvantages. Invisalign is more visible than traditional braces and they cause more discomfort. They may not provide you with the clear aligner treatment time that you need. Overall, these are good options but you should research them further to find out what exactly you get from these devices.

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